Is It Wrong To Do Things For Yourself?

United States
August 18, 2008 10:06pm CST
My boyfriend does about everything for me. And I hate it really, I want him to do what makes him happy, not me. But he says making me happy does make him happy. I feel like I don't really do much for him though as much as I try. Is it wrong to do things that make you happy instead of thinking of others?
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@bunzor (303)
19 Aug 08
Why do you hate it? Look at what you wrote - you want to do the same thing as he does for you! And why? Because making him happy would make you happy. So you know he means it when he says it!
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19 Aug 08
Hey, what's up? I like your photo, lol, very cool. And I see what you mean. It's nice to do things for yourself, that makes you seem more independent. And sometimes it can feel like a bit much and overwhelming if someone is constantly doing things for you. I don't see anything wrong with how you're feeling. Try talking to him, tell him you need space, lol.