what are the worst misconceptions about you as a person?

@kayedanda (1850)
August 19, 2008 1:16am CST
just few days ago, i have started a discussion about the worst misconception about one's country which mylotters may happen to know. which brought me to posting a discussion of the same topic but on the individual level. people have, by nature, certain stereotypes that are hard to overcome. once they start thinking a certain way about you, they carry on thinking that unless you prove it otherwise. in the earlier days, i can say i was a people pleaser. if i presume somebody else thinks something bad about me, i'll strive hard to correct that misconception. so what are the worst misconceptions about me, you ask. a lot, and i mean a LOT of people think i'm snobbish and snotty just because i don't have the habit of smiling a lot. this is hard to get over with especially back in the school days where you are supposed to gain friends as an implied rule. also, a lot of schoolmates tend to think i'm this nerdy/geeky type who's a bore to be with. it really made my school days difficult, but looking back, i found it has one advantage. i found the truest friends one could have and we even keep in touch until now, several years later. as i said, i used to be a people pleaser. but the more i age, the less i care about how other people view me as. because i realized, that in the end, you'll only have yourself to answer. so what if they think i'm snooty and boring? the friends i have gained through life does not seem to think so, and i personally don't think so, so you see, for me, that's all that matters. :)
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@gabbana (1815)
• China
19 Aug 08
yeah, i notice that, i do the same, not care more about people's gossip or what image i should be in their heart. REMEMBER--- live in the heart of your own, not live in the eyes of others. have fun.
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