Types of chocolate - 8 different types of dairy milk chocolate 

included are:

crunchie, whole nut, fruit and nut, plain, mint chips, caramel, turkish delight and double choc.
August 19, 2008 3:03am CST
what is your favourite chocolate out of the types shown in the picture? Mines fruit 'n nut. What about you?
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@jaded22 (828)
• Philippines
19 Aug 08
Chocolate with nuts. :) Suddenly I'm craving. Lol.
@lazeebee (5468)
• Malaysia
19 Aug 08
Hi, Cadbury is one of my favourite brands. I love those with nuts - almonds, brazilnuts, walnuts, cashewnuts.
@koolkate (242)
• Bahrain
19 Aug 08
Chocolate with nuts is really yummy.
@donna22 (1120)
19 Aug 08
I do not like any of the chocolate in the photo because it is is Cadbury's chocolate which I don not like. If it wasnt Cadbury's though I would like the mint crisp and the caramel best. I am not too keen on nuts in my chocolate. Dont mind fruit but when I eat nuts I always end up with tiny bits in my mouth later that I cant not get rid of.
@ReenaDKL (206)
• Mauritius
19 Aug 08
i love chocolates with biscuits in's all yummy! i don't like dark ones coz they have a bitter taste to it... I simply adore chocolates...actually i need to have them every month when i get my helps with the pain..
@jammyt (2824)
• Philippines
19 Aug 08
it would have to be Dark chocolates!!!! I just love them so much. A lot of people in my office does not like it so when our big boss brings home some, I always get a lot of it.LOL! I also like fruit and nuts like you and Black Forrest!
@ShellyB (5244)
• United States
19 Aug 08
Milk chocolate with nuts :) I also like the one you mention.