Online to Offline Relationships

United States
August 19, 2008 3:58am CST
Are there any pretty girls who put there pictures and interests online but are too embarrassed to ever really talk to a guy online? I mean i think that i am a handsome guy who just can't stad the same old girls from the neighborhood how do you go about getting to know a girl online and actually meeting with her instead of all this commenting and "poking?"
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@daxus100 (78)
23 Aug 08
Well i met alot of people through online gaming ,i was really shy and didnt want to give my pic out but most of the guys came to like me on my personality anyway but i always worry about putting my pic online incase im not pretty or thin enough its funny because alot of the life long mates i have made on world of warcraft prefer girls that play on the computers ect as many of there relationships have broke up due to there girlfirends not liking there game play on wow so yep im sure there are huge amounts of shy girls out there you just need to look in the right place.