Are we really civilised?

August 19, 2008 4:00am CST
We call ourselves civilised. But are we really? How can we be? We are still fighting wars with other people because they have a different religion or because they have something we want. We still carry weapons. We still attack individuals. There has been a spate of stabbings in Britain by youths who do not like another person because thy are a different colour or are in a different gang. Why? People should live in peace together and not fight. Look at the community on mylot. I should think there are all ages, colours and creeds and we all get on together. While cannot the whole world be like that? Sorry about the rant. I just get fed up with all of the trouble in the world.
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@DawGwath (1044)
• Romania
19 Aug 08
Well, it could be worse, you know. Just look at how the world was 100 years ago, and what it is now. But I still can't look over the fact that even though the world is evolving, a part of us is involving... We're getting dumber and dumber everyday.