Why Most sites are scam

August 19, 2008 9:15am CST
Hi, When you come across the interest zone of make extra money ,you fine 90 % of members caught in one scam or other.Many have lost . I too have lost when I paid to many sites. One thing is common,We paid a fraction of the amount which the site promised us in future. for example some said pay one time fee of $40 to register and earn $1000 in a month and so on.. I have entered in them six months ago.I lost much in Adsense training.I did not get the amount from Google after reaching $100. They said flimsiest of reasons. Another joke they added was their refund to respective advertisers.Any way I think it is the business type of Adsense to ride on the new blogger's shoulders for their extra income.Anyway I learnt how to blog and earn income using other Ad sources. Coming to our discussion I have made some good money to start with,without investing a pie in it. All are free signups.I have atleast one receiver in each site.Some are having regular income for 2 years now. Here we need to invest only our time( Max 2 hours a day).This method will meet grant success in a month's time if more referrals are added on daily basis.Serious people can definitely try the methodology.Since we have not invested , and the work needs no complexities it is worth trying.Please do pass on information like wise,as sharing makes us wiser,stronger.Please see my profile for site information. Good luck all.
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