how to transfer funds from paypal to BPI atm/debit account?

August 19, 2008 11:17am CST
Hi I have read comments from specific discussion posted 2-4 weeks ago regarding transferring funds from paypal to BPI/Debit cards but I have other concern that bothers me when i tried their advices. I have the same problem withdrawing/transferring funds from paypal to BPI card (as I heard in the previous forum that BPI can possibly withdraw funds from paypal (not sure though), however, this notice bothers me when i tried to add my BPI debit card account in paypal " to withdraw funds from your paypal to a credit card, debit or prepaid card, add a card with VISA logo". BPI debit/atm card don't have VISA neither MASTERCARD logo. So how can I possibly transfer the funds to my BPI account when it don't have the logos that they need where in some research BPI can receive funds from paypal? Even It's not a visa/mastercard I have succesfully added it anyway in my paypal but my status says UNVERIFIED, what shall I do with this? I don't want to do trial and error in transferring or withdrawing as it indicates that the bank will charge you more when the transferring is unsuccessful or when they return the funds back to your paypal. Anyone can help?
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• India
19 Aug 08
Since i am also new to Mylot, i am also eagarly waiting to know about this payment matters and the money credited to paypal account and in turn the same has been how to transfer to our Savings account or our Credit/Debit Card account. Above all, i would also learn how to improve our earning by way of raising the discussion and responding the discussions through mylot. The doubt which will be raised by during your first discussion, i also thought about this.. Not only me, all the new mylotters have this doubts.. Thanks I really keenly watch this discussion to get to know more about this.. Have a good day.
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19 Aug 08
Hi! regarding the earnings by raising posts, i have read just now from someone posted a discussion that she was disappointed after having 200 posts and earns only 1 point! But you can challenge yourself to try if you could really earn from it just that it takes too much of your time and effort...but there's no harm on trying!!! i would personally want to know too if "we" could really earn from it. Goodluck!
@laiza14 (593)
• Philippines
1 Mar 09
hi, i also had the same problem. they say that the EON card from union bank accepts paypal.. but there is no union bank branch near our place.