Do you lock your door?

@shamzy18 (2319)
August 19, 2008 11:55am CST
i heard this on tv like austrailians dont lock their door because they feel safe so they dont feel the need to!! i could not believe this when i heard !! do you lock your door? do you take extra precautions? or not ? if you do not then that is just inviting burglars and what not.
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• Marikina, Philippines
5 Nov 12
Yes. we lock the door. Its safe. Maybe autralians don't lock their door because its their culture. Maybe people from that country have their own reason why they don't lock the door and whatever it is, well, I don't know.
@jpso138 (7868)
• Philippines
4 Oct 12
In the previous place where I used to live, we usually do not lock the door. In fact our door is always open. But that was way back then when I was still a child. Now everyone is locking there door. There is always the threat of getting burglarized even in the old neighborhood where I used to live.
@jpso138 (7868)
• Philippines
19 Dec 09
Yes, I do lock my door. In this present times, it is really unsafe to leave the door open. There is always the risk of having burglars in the house. It is really sad to not that many things are happening now and that many have become victims of robbery as well as burglary. It would be best to lock the door.
@williamjisir (22903)
• China
20 Nov 09
I lock my door when I leave the house, but if I just leave it for a short time, I close the door without locking it. I have a screen door outside my wooden door. The screen door is always closed to prevent bugs from flying in. This is the door of my apartment in my school, so it is safe in general.
@bbsr13 (4198)
• India
19 Aug 08
Hello,Sham! I very much doubt about the Australians not locking their doors.Crime is rampant now a days.there is no place in the world where there is no theft case.I am an Indian and I don't feel mysrelf safe even after locking my doors.In my house I lock first the gate,then the portico,and then the living rooms.but the bedroom doors are left open always for free ventilations.thanx.
@Fryediddy (127)
• United States
19 Aug 08
No matter where I've lived or how safe I've felt living there I've always locked my door. Yes, it is true that a good burglar would probably be able to get in no matter what, but a locked door could mean too much of a hassle. Breaking a window or kicking in a door may mean too much noise in a close neighborhood. If a person locks their door who's to say they don't have an alarm that would go off if he would to pick a lock or pry open a window. When it comes to robbing a house it could be a matter of seconds that determines whether its your house or someone else's. What's the point of not locking your door? An extra couple of seconds to take out your keys and turn the lock? Having to remember your keys in the first place? Keeping your possessions and most importantly your family safe should be the number one priority, not your convenience. I'm a fan of the show "It Takes A Thief" on the Discovery Channel. Doesn't make me an expert but it sure makes me lock my door whenever I leave or go to bed.
• India
19 Aug 08
Ya i do. You're probably aware that a locked front door won't stop an accomplished thief for more than a few seconds. Add another lock and you slow him down another minute or two. Truth is, no matter how well you lock your doors, a determined thief is going to get in. So why do you lock your doors at all? thatThe answer oui've saccept ed the fact that a determined thief can get in--but the harder you can make it for him, the better. In fact, if it's enough of a pain, he may just go elsewhere.