Child Support Enforcement in Missouri Sucks!!!

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August 19, 2008 2:44pm CST
My children are grown and my ex still owes over $22,000. I have called CSE and gave them his address, phone number and 1 of the places he works. They can't confirm any of the information because he has everything in his girlfriends name. The job he does he works for cash. The place lied and said they have never heard of him. I find this very humorous because the Bar and Grill he is the DJ for kareoke a couple of nights has him advertised on thier website. Today I am supposed to call CSE back and find out if they are able to check to see what address he is giving when he buys guns or what address he gave for his fishing liscense. When I call I am going to give them the web address for the places that told them he doesn't work there and they never heard of him. I want them to take a look at it and charge that employer for giving false information or whatever they can charge them with. I think they should lose thier liscense over the lie! Here in Missouri you can't even talk to your CSE worker anymore!! You have to call a call center and tell them the info and they will send an e-mail to the office your case is at. Then they will tell you when to call back and check for an answer!!! It really sucks!!! They say they can't even put a warrant out for his arrest until they are able to verify his address and notify him he owes this!!!! What the f***!! He knows he owes it!! He has found ways to avoid being found and paying it!!!! I will update everyone on what CSE says when I call them today.
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@babyangie27 (5177)
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19 Aug 08
Wow yes the FOC(Freidn of the court) here in Michigan is nothing liek that. Both sides can talk to the worker handling the case,even have their direct line to contact them. If he gets behind without due cause,his ex can throw him in the slammer after a hearing. Wow I hope all works out and yes please keep us updated.
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21 Aug 08
Wish I we lived in Michigan! LOL.. Thanks for commenting.
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@twoey68 (13651)
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31 Jan 09
I'm a little confused actually. If the children are all grown then why are they not sueing him for back child support. Afterall the money would be owed to them since it was supposed to be for their care. I understand that by a parent not paying child support it makes it harder on the custodial parent but once the kids are grown then it should be up to them whether or not to go after it. I'm guess I'm on both sides of the coin here. See, my Hubby is disabled and his SSA check is being garnished for back child support that he ended up getting behind on when he became disabled. The fact that his son is married, has kids of his own and works a job making more than Hubby gets for SSA doesn't matter b/c his ex-wife who wasn't awarded any alimony gets the back child support. At the same time, my Dad never paid child support when my brother and I were growing made things alot harder on my Mom and us too...there were alot of things we had to do without. I know my Mom still has alot of hard feelings b/c he never paid and occasionally still talks about going after him for child support and stuff. I've moved on and gotten on with my life. I just chalk it up to he didn't care enough to provide for us at the time...and he missed out on alot of good things with us. I guess what I'm saying is if your doing it b/c your angry at your ex for not paying then maybe you should talk to your kids and see if going after the child support is something they want to do. Just a suggestion. [b]~~AT PEACE WITHIN~~ **STAND STRONG AND TRUST IN GOD**[/b]