It's Mama's Birthday tomorrow! Gasp!

August 19, 2008 8:38pm CST
Gosh! Where did the days go? Time flies so fast! I was thinking my Mom's birthday isn't until next week then I realized tomorrow is the 21st of August! Oh gosh! What to do? What to do?Shucks! Sorry, I'm in a sort of panic. You see, I haven't seen my Mom for months now. We only talk over the phone and I really miss her. Now I'll be missing her birthday as well because for some reasons I cannot go home. Anyways, I was planning to send her a gift, of which my meager salary would allow me. I'm actually making a digital photo mosaic of her. I'll be printing it on an 8R size photo paper. Then I just finished a poem for her last night and I'm gonna print it on an 8R photo paper as well. Then I'm gonna put both in a frame and mail it to her. Gosh! It'll definitely cost me. But I ran out of ideas! I cannot give Mama clothes, she's got lots of them, some even aren't worn yet. I can't give her home appliances as well, her home is furnished I guess, I don't know what to do... I'm lost!Got ideas? Oh well, she'll be 47 tomorrow. She's very pretty (of course!), she's already got 4 grandchildren, mine will be her 5th, she's a very practical person and I love her very very much! Now you've got clues. Uh uh, I'm crossing my fingers, I hope you'll give me great ideas...
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