Isian woman apeal

August 19, 2008 11:36pm CST
I am Asian woman with a man who is a lot older than me. Every so often we go out and I like dressing up. Some man look at me with admiration and some I could not understand. Few man that I meet without my partner knew that I have bf because I tell them straight away but every so often they say to me 'leave your bf and come with me I will give you better life' and some says ' if it did not work out I am just here'. I find it insulting because I see it not respecting me and my bf. Why some man do that?
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@maxilimian (3099)
• Indonesia
20 Aug 08
Sometimes man talking like that from behind, they didn't tell you straight away, some only kidding, some really nuts! i only ignore that kind of guy, or just left them with smile, because it means they see us as pretty girl lol, my advice is ignore them .. ^_^
• Australia
20 Aug 08
They are just jealous. And arrogant. They think they can give you a better life, they got jealous about him, but they have no manners. You should tell them to mind their own business.
@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
20 Aug 08
it is not a nice thing for people to do this, the very fact that they are doing that is good reason for you to stay with the man you are would these men like this done to them..people just don't think.