My lot is an Institute Of New Knowledge and Enjoyment

August 20, 2008 1:15am CST
Whean ever I switch on to my lot I feel that I am in a institute where once can learn a lot and increase the knowledge. From reading the new discussions I get exposres to the new ideas and interests to initiate new discussions. Even the responses I receive are very comprehensive and I gain too much to reply various type of discussions. Some time I get responses based on scintific studies or legal matters on I had to study more to comment upon. Really I can describle the My Lot as an knowledge Hub and entertainment centre where people from different walks of life from different cultures and countries express their openion on different matters and exchange their experiences in life. To me it always nice to log on to My lot and spend some time without any disturbance and enjoy views of mylotters. How do you feel at my lot.
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• Philippines
20 Aug 08
i really agree with you on that. at first i thought mylot was just for earning extra income. i never thought i would enjoy the site this much. i got so many things from here. i get to gain new friends, new knowledge, new ideas, and tips. i also get suggestions and opinions on things i can't decide to. it really helped a lot. that is why even though i haven't been paid yet i am still enjoying very much of myself here in mylot. i hope members will also think the way we do. so mylot could grow even bigger! happy mylotting!
@nizhama2 (295)
• Malaysia
20 Aug 08
I agree with you in this point. I just four days here and I learned a lot, more than what I though before. I like reading. And I can pick any topic I want here. MyLot is an Institute of Knowledge... and a good source to learn English in happy mood...