As a mom, we might not say it, but we might think it...

@meholl (510)
United States
August 20, 2008 3:26am CST
I have 5 kids in my home, one (15 yrs) does his chores just right, one (12yrs) lolli-gags, but still gets it done right. The twins (6 yrs) just have to keep their clothes off the floor. The last one (10) no matter how many times he has done the chore before, refuses to do it properly. He won't listen and he always says, I just suck at chores. Now I never say it, but it is in my head. Sometimes I just want to yell at him and ask him if he is just down right stupid or what. I mean I tell him exactly what his chore is and what he needs to do. Like empty the dishwasher and put everything on the counters where it belongs. Usually something like the bread or something to go to the fridge. If I leave a piece of mail on the table, he will go to where ever I am and just put it in front of me. He has actually just shoved everything to the backsplash and walked away, like he was done. Maybe my frustration is just getting to high with this child. Am I the only one that thinks bad thought, but doesn't say them. He does seek attention at every opportunity, to the point of being a stocker to others in the house. But really, is he just doing this to piss me off
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