August 20, 2008 7:16am CST
On this discussion we are going to talk about cars, specially abou ferrari and lamborghini. What you think is better the new lamborghini or the enzo ferrari?
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@Skylinr (118)
• Singapore
20 Aug 08
Just between Ferrari and Lamborghini, my pick will be Lamborghini. No1: its name is longer and more fanciful. No2: Lambos look better in my fav yellow than Ferrari =) just joking. Seriously though I'll pick Lamborghini. No1: I just prefer Lambos designs.Ferrari's are beautiful but lambos are exquisite. but thats purely personal opinion. No2: Ferrari seems to have too many cars running around and in production. By that i mean the number of models they have. Lambo has lesser making it more exclusive and unique. So between the any lambo and enzo ferrari, I'll still choose the lambo Though I prefer the Nissan GT-R. I'll like the old R34 GT-R but i'll take the R35 anyday too. What are you views though Perucao? Ferrari or Lambo? and the new lambo refers to gallardo right?
• Portugal
20 Aug 08
i think that i prefer lambos too because i think the design of lambos are more sofisticated than ferrari and i think that lambos have more and greater colors than ferrari. And no, when i talk the new lambo i mean the reventon. What you think of this lambo?