August 20, 2008 8:08am CST
Hey guys. Ive just joined a new ptc site link2communion. Does anyone have any info I should know. I dont full understand how it works yet and the values per click seem high in cash value. Just a bit wary of time wasting. Any info anyone has here would be aprreciated?
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• United States
19 Dec 08
Hey Folks, I joined Link2Communion on August 7, 2008 (paid the fee to upgrade to Link2Wealth), followed all the rules, requested a payout September 6 and was told I had to wait until I was a member for one month. OK.... Requested another payout October 13 with no response. We are now at December 18 with $93,000 accumulated in my Link2Communion account and just requesting another $6,000 payout with nothing being done. NO PAYMENTS!!! I have requested from admin why this is taking so long and they tell me the they have many accounts to verify and will get to me as soon as possible. OK?? How many people are working for this site and isn't 4 months a little bit long to wait for a return ony ones investment. I would say take this is as a warning and stay away from Ling2Communion unless you just want to throw money away. Just my thoughts.
• India
15 Apr 09
Hello all of friends, I have joined this site before 8 months ago and i have earn $50,000 two time but i haven't got money. This sites is scam site. plz don't sign up in this site and don't wast you time.
• China
5 Jul 09
I think the sit is scam.because I requested payment on March.They still don't pay it for me!