How is the book "New Moon"?

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August 20, 2008 12:58pm CST
I just finished reading Twilight and I loved it! Does Bella turn into a vampire in the next book? Don't tell me too much because I want to read it and find out.
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• Philippines
26 Mar 09
okay. i'll try not to give you TMI. bella doesn't turn into a vampire in this book. "the wolves descend" as edward would say. and there's a lot more jacob than there is edward. oh, and it's kind of sad. it made me cry. have fun reading it. :D
• United States
9 Dec 09
I cry when it comes to anything Twilight, but I was bawling when I saw this movie lol. The book is amazing. Books will always be better than movies in my eyes, because they last longer :p
2 Nov 08
New Moon is very good. In my opinion not as good as Twilight but that might just be because theres not as much Edward :) You learn a lot about Jacob though.
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9 Dec 09
New Moon really made me have a tough time choosing between Edward and Jacob, which is sad, cuz it's always been all about Edward for me. Learning about Jacob really adds to the story, as well as Bella's confusion.
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22 Aug 08
New Moon won't be with Edward a lot. Only in the beginning and end of the book. Bella won't turn into a vampire yet. I think she will in the next book. Enjoy reading New Moon!
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9 Dec 09
I am not done with the series, but I really hope Bella turns into a vampire. To me, that would be the perfect ending!
• Philippines
23 Jun 10
goldencici97, yes I have read all four books and I am now waiting for the 5th book to be released entitled "Midnight Sun". Bella did not turn out to be a vampire in "eclipse". It happened in "breaking dawn". My favorite book is the 4th one, where the I found the happy ending. I love the last chapter "THE HAPPILY EVER AFTER". You must read all books! You'll be crazy about it! I'm glad we all love the saga! Long live Stephenie Meyer!!
@nixxi76 (3192)
• Canada
24 Apr 10
Hi goldencici, I love chatting with other Twilight fans because that movie and books are the best thing to talk about right now. I just finished reading Eclipse and just because you asked about Bella turning into a vampire I'll answer this for you. No she does not turn into a vampire in the third book Eclipse. There are a lot of exciting events that happen in the book though but I'll let you find that out for yourself. I started reading the first book Twilight now because I've already seen that movie and New Moon. So I'm going to finish those two books off next then by the time I'm done those then Eclipse will have come out into the theatres which will be on June 30th 2010. I will start Breaking Dawn after I see Eclipse. I can't wait till it comes out. I will definitly have lots to say about that. I'm not sure if you caught Oprah's show yesterday but they had a really great movie trailer of Eclipse on there and wow it looks so good. Have a nice day
@deelark (24)
8 Dec 09
I have all the Twilight Saga books and without giving too much away, lets just say the next book is not quite about Bella wanting to be a vampire. You have to read the book to find out what I am talking about. The last book Breaking Dawn is perfect and my favorite. Each book is different to the other, but all fantastic in their own particular way. Happy reading!
@chocsie (262)
• Greece
6 Jan 09
I liked New Moon better than Twilight. It was awesome! And I'm a team Jacob person! :D
• Philippines
2 Sep 08
I haven't read it.
@kel1483 (986)
• United States
31 Aug 08
My friend, who got me into the Twilight series, described 'New Moon' to me as the "crazy Bella book". haha. Once you read it, you'll understand. As the others have already stated, no she doesn't become a vampire in it. I think it was a really good book. I've read the first three books in the series and I liked them all equally...though maybe Eclipse slightly more than New Moon. I think if you liked Twilight then you should like New Moon as well. It's a good continuation of the first.