What Mmorpg Are You Playing?

August 21, 2008 1:28am CST
Can You tell me What Mmorpg U play Guys? I play Tibia www.tibia.com its a 2d Mmorpg When i started 6 years ago I said Yewww Looks Those Ugly Graphic But with the 2 week I Quited the Game at first A friend showed me His Character He was Higher Level Than me so was Looking Alots more fun so i decided to start again and Got addicted for 6 years Now I Got less time College and Working On Somme Project But I Rly recomand that game . HArd Moment Hell I Had alot Of hard Moment But Nice Moment Passed In The game I Wont forget Once Ur started and MAde friend all over the world They will keep U On for A While. and i Played lots of other mmorpg like Lieneage 2 and Silkroad and Lots more .
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@caussara (53)
• United States
22 Aug 08
Hi xan, I play everquest2, been playing it almost since it came out four years ago. I actually met my husband-to-be in the game. It was the first mmorpg that I had played. We did take a little break from it to try out WOW, vanguard (when it first came out) and Conan, but they all just seemed to lack something for us. We always end up back in EQ2, maybe it is for sentimental reasons. What ever the reasons, we have three accounts, one for each of us and one for our teenagers in the house to share. It is a family affair with us and really cheap entertainment when you think how much it costs for a family to just go to the movies once a month for only a couple hours entertainment. keep gaming! caussara
• United States
21 Aug 08
For 5 1/2 years I played subscription Ultima Online. Then for about 2 years I played on free shards. Then my husband wanted to play WOW. Now I have got it completely out of my system. Plus we have 4 kids ages 12-4 so not alot of time. THe only thing I miss about the games are that was time for me and my husband. Now I just play games like on Pogo.