Egyptian Woman, 27, Gives Birth to Septuplets...

@dhalev78 (104)
August 21, 2008 3:11am CST
Gossh... It was amazing... But when I read this article I had to admit myself thatI felt quite sad and lonely because I started thinking on how can I provide for their needs. I got one(1) child now and as for this moment I am sacrificing to work abroad to give my baby a good future. Giving him a good house to live with and preparing enough savings for his school years to come since prices are getting higher and higher. And to provide it all I have to do this (working abroad). How would you feel if giving birth to a septuplet happens to you? what would you feel???
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@maximax8 (28558)
• United Kingdom
21 Aug 08
Wow! That must have been amazing the lady to have so many babies at once. I know a couple of people with triplets and a few people with twins and they found that more challenging that just having one baby. As their children get older they are a bit easier to care for. If I had septuplets I would have one room in my home that looked like a dormitory. I would have a large table for meal times or many highchairs in a row. I would need to get a mini bus to take them around it. It is easy to buy a double pushchair but it is ever so challenging to get a triple pushchair. Getting one for any more than three children would be impossible I think. Good luck to the lady.
@Khunben (88)
• Thailand
21 Aug 08
Extremely uncomfortable, but at the same time elated, bewildered, scared,and so on. The truth is for this already full, and complete family, they won't have the stresses,strains, and worry that you have with only one child. The help she will receive from outside will be overwhelming, she will get offers from sponsors of baby products, food, cloths, toys, and much more, every major company will want an association with this family, every paper, and glossy magazine will want photos, and will pay huge money for them. Without going on, and on about the fortunes that this family will get goes beyond any thing you, and I could ever hope for. The downside to all of this is, apart from here feet not touching the ground, she will have different stress issues, if she excepts all the above, and she will, her live won't be her own, there will be a constant, flow of money grabbing individuals in, and out of her home day, and night, looking for a piece of something that they can sell to the media, this is going to be a big deal, and really big business, and of course she will be, in most cases under contract, so there's no get out. If the family can handle all that, then they will never want for any thing ever again, and not just now, but very much into the future, if she desires too go it alone, well GOOD LUCK!!! Buddha Be With Them And You...