Exchange glance~Do u aware of it?

August 21, 2008 7:43am CST
Exchange a glance with someone,then look away.Do u realize that u have make a statement?Hold the glance for a second longer,and u have make a different statement.If u hold eye contact for more than 3 seconds,what are u telling another person?Much depends on the person and the situation.For instance,a man and a woman communicate interest in this manner.They typically gaze at each other for about 3 seconds at a time,then drop their eyes down for 3 seconds,before letting their eyes meet again.But if one man gives another man a 3secondplus stare,he signal"i know u""im interested in u"oru look peculiar and im curious about u"this tupe of stare often produces hostile feelings
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@bryanski (497)
• Philippines
21 Aug 08
I love exchanging glances with other people. Eye contact means so much. Eyes are the windows of our souls and they talk in more honest ways than our mouths do. Sometimes we take glances to people we are interested in. Sometimes to people we maybe don't like. Or there may be something special in the person we give our glances to. But other glances also mean hostile ones like you said. Well, avoid that. Staring back may start a problem. LOL