Making people wait...

@cambiste (1245)
August 21, 2008 8:34am CST
What do you think about making others wait for you? For me, it gets on my nerves. I hate making others wait, even if its our own vehicle driver. However, i dont mind waiting for others, as long as they show up at some point. :)
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@ivieigen (98)
• Philippines
21 Aug 08
i don't like waiting for others and i dont want other wait for me either.. but i cant do nothing to those people who always came up late.. their reason? better late than never..
@babykeka80 (2003)
• United States
21 Aug 08
It is rare that someone will have to wait on me. I cannot stand being late. I was raised by my grandfather, who was a veteran. There was no such thing as being late. In fact, he use to make me show up for things 15-30 minutes early. It is just how he did things. I do not appreciate having to wait on others either. When you say you are going to be somewhere at a certain time then follow through with it. There is one thing you cannot buy more of in life and that is time so I do not appreciate when someone wastes my valuable time. That sounds a little harsh but it isnt meant to be.