Runecrafting Guild and Game

United States
August 21, 2008 10:49am CST
Recently when I logged onto Runescape, I started off by immeidietly going to the runecrafting guild, as It just came out. I looked around the guild and immieditly gave the guild itself an F because everything in it that did something was essentially either useless or obtainable elsewhere. But nevertheless I played the minigame and after playing for a few rounds had about 2 thousand tokens. I wanted to see what I could get with theses tokens, so I found the prize lady and traded these 2k tokens for 2k pure ess, which sort of amazed me. I had only played for about 45 minutes or so, and i had made about 300k. Now I realise that there are quicker ways to make money, there aren't THAT many better ways anymore, and this is a minigame. So i guess what I'm getting to is, do you think that the game needs nerfed, and the either the tokens or cost of prizes reworked, or do you think its fine the way it is? I think we know my opinion
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• Thailand
22 Aug 08
is it member only?
• United States
22 Aug 08
No but if your a member you get a couple more rewards from the game and it last longer. you also need 50 rcing.
17 Dec 08
I hate runecrafting and this guild is really great because I dont have to walk to altars and playing the game is fun.
• Australia
2 Oct 08
I think its fine atm but it wouldbe nice if they added experience pots for runecrafting, that would be useful, and as for making money of it, yes its bery profitable but the price went up quickyl to around 70gp, but what goes up must come down, and it did come down to around 45gp because after everyone was using the runescrafting guild for money making. But i had an idea, what you should do is get as many tokens as you 40k of them, then becaome a member and buy pure essence, because instead of rune essence in non-members you get ure essence in members. Which is worth more then 3 times then normal ess. Right now pure essence are worth 147 gp each, if you do get 40k tokens which is definately possible, i know people who have made 40k tokens within the first week of the guild coming out, that is nearly 6ml in a members world all for 1 weeks world. Its a very good way of making money, getting heaps, and heaps of xp for runecrafting if you play it for long enough you will see the results very quickly, and its lots of fun!
• United States
1 Sep 08
i think its stupid that a requirement is that u have to have lvl 50 rc.runecrafting is one of the most boring skills.i think they should have it for anyone so it can help the people with low rc get their lvls up. theres not much of a way besides runecrafting to get it up. theres not even quests u can do with a pleasant amount of exp as a reward, and if there is u have to be a high lvl anyway. i find this game biased
@gbeast95 (505)
• United States
27 Aug 08
i would give it a f becuse it made rune ess go up in price at the ge.
• United States
22 Aug 08
I believe that it shouldnt be nerfed because it takes about 20-30minutes to get through the whole mini game. Plus you dont win every altar everytime so yeah. While your in the mini game you also earn Pure ess! So add up all the pure ess and runes you craft in the game you can make an average 8.4m a day!! For the inexperienced players you can get whatever item you please. I myself have 50m on runescape and if i play for a week straight non stop ( which will never ever happen ) but i could make up to 58.8m add that to my 50m then I have 100m. Just letting you guys know how great of a money making way it is.
@uath13 (8207)
• United States
21 Aug 08
No need to nerf it. The price of essence has gone up since the removal of the R.W.Ters & their bots. This will just bring the price back down. You wont be able to make that much off it very long.