@worldwise1 (14887)
United States
August 21, 2008 12:24pm CST
I was reminded yesterday of just how prevalent rumors have become in our society. The first rumor I heard about involved an Ohio politician who had been reported dead although she in fact was not. She did die later. The same thing happened with Comedian Bernie Mac. He was rumored to be dead a week before his actual death when there was no reason to believe he would succumb to his illness at that time. The latest rumor I heard on the radio last night about Barack Obama potentially being disqualified from running for President of the United States because he is, in fact, a Canadian citizen. Where do these things come from? I think it's a shame that we live in a society where people can say anything about anyone they desire with little or no consequences. They should be held responsible if they are proven to have started a vicious rumor -because words can do harm. What is your opinion?
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@mummymo (23707)
28 Aug 08
I totally agree here worldwise! It is shocking the rumours that some people start and can have really severe consequences and cause a lot of heartache to people! The only problem is that in the way rumours work it is very hard to pinpoint where tehy have originally started and even more difficult to prove! Hugs xxx