A half-filled or a half empty or can be something else?

Open the other eye to see the things practically. - Its all related to the topic.
November 5, 2006 5:34am CST
Readers 1 day i had a long arguement with my dad on this topic......he says there can be only 2 possibilty of viewing a half-filled glass...u all may know those 2(i.e,half-filled or half-empty). But am i wrong if i say that being practical i can say it is half-filled as well as half-empty....u might be thinking why so? Can't i consider both the perspective simultaniously? & if not why not? He says he had a lot of experience of life & i agree with that but don't u think he is bounded 2 think within his knowledge domain.........i may be wrong but i believe there are very few persons who see both sides of the coin. What you say now?
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@charlie69 (334)
27 Jan 07
I like to think i am a 'half filled' person who looks on the positive side of things. Having said that if i was actually talking about a glass, i would describe it as half empty. If i was in a restaurant and they gave a half empty glass of drink i would complain lol