using talents

August 21, 2008 9:04pm CST
how best should we use our talents(intelligence,wealth,beauty)should we use them to our best, which could make less talented people feel inferior or should we just to use them averagely so that we could fit in the society?is fitting in the society that important especially if you are intelligent or smart than most people?
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• Philippines
22 Aug 08
hello.hope you're doing good.for me, ability + character = TALENT talent is a gift from God to every human for free.all of us has its own talent.during our childhood,we do what we like the most.from there,our parents can see what talent we nurturing and encouragement,we can improve that talent and make it as a part of using our talent,let's use it with humility.since all of us has it's own strength and weakness then we don't have to brag something about ourselves.sharing it would be double it,a talent and a virtue of being generous.give your best in giving your talent but do it with a humble heart.human instinct can determine it if you're really talented or just bragging around.real talented people do not show off.they just keep quiet but deep inside,they know what they can do.being the most talented,very smart,very intelligent and all does not makes you unfit in the is on how you deal with it towards other people.but if you do it with gentleness and sincere thought that you can share what you got,i'm pretty sure the people will really appreciated it and the society would be needing you.
@metalhalo (601)
• United States
22 Aug 08
I would just be myself and let whatever talents I had just flow naturally. I'm not going to hold myself back from anything. Succeeding in life isn't about holding back, it's pushing forward, using everything you've got. I also think everyone's got some sort of talent or area they are great at. Hone that talent to perfection, don't worry about others, live life how you'd feel happiest.