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United States
August 21, 2008 11:17pm CST
Do you make more money from posting a new discussion or for answering other's discussion topics? I have read people thing the content of their writing affects their earnings but I am not sure I get the whole factoring issue. I'd love to hear your thoughts or findings.
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• Singapore
22 Aug 08
I think that whether you are posting a new discussion or answering other's discussion, it is important that your post is of a good length adn quality. There was once I had many responses (not that many, a little over twenty) for my discussion and I put in a lot of efforts replying to each and everyone of them. It was a complicated matter I put forth and as such I had so much to say about it. So I actually made a bit more than what I got just answering other's discussion where I may not have much to say to some of them. So it depends.
@eloouuu (176)
22 Aug 08
I make more money from posting in other people's discussions. I find this is because I don't have that much conversation to initiate which would generate an influx of response. There are only so many controversial topics which can be discussed at lenth on the one website and I don't like to create multiple threads of topics which already exist as it is meaningless. Plus, another thing to consider is that when you are creating your own topics, your earnings are dependent on what other people post. If other people don't post or post poor replies, you don't earn as much. When you are posting on other people's discussions, what they have said doesn't really matter, in that as long as you can reply to their topic, you're all good. You're the one who is responsible for your income that way. I also find that I have a lot more to say to people when I am part of their discussion. When I am starting my own, it's generally quite to-the-point and can turn into incoherent blather after a while. What you stated is indeed correct though. The higher quality your answers actually are, the more money you earn for them. Most people would need to respond to a lot of topics in order to make even 50 cents a day yet I do this by replying to only 20 threads a day, providing that my responses are reasonable in length and understandable English. You have to keep your answer relevant to the question, though. There's no point going and writing three paragraphs on what you ate for breakfast if the question was related to something completely different. I guess the best advice to give you, or anybody else who is trying to maximise their profit on MyLot, is to respond to topics that you have a lot of scope on. Write down a list of points that can turn a simple answer into a more detailed one. Remember: it doesn't matter if the author reads your response. By that time, it's too late, you've already made it - and you've just earned for it!
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• Philippines
22 Aug 08
This discussion of yours really helped me a lot. Especially those people who responded to it, I learned a lot from them. So your earning really depends on how long the post is and it's content. Does it matter too if your grammar is correct? Does it earn you something though it doesn't make sense? Because I have receive a lot of them and I am not sure if they have earned with that kind of comment. I too have a problem with my grammar so I am asking if that affects the earning of my discussion/comment.