do you wear your heart on your sleeves?

August 22, 2008 5:02am CST
hi i often use this expression to describe myself. i am very transparent most of the time regarding my feelings. i usually don't pretend and i find so hard to pretend, especially if i am happy. i would skip and hop...LOL...literally, even though i am in a mall or in public places and i would have big grin on my face... hahahaha... also, if i am feeling bad or under the weather. it would be literally written on my face. if i am crying, i will have a red nose like Rudolph the red nose reindeer... hehehee... and my eyes will get chinky... hehehe... so i am not cut out to become an actress though i would love to become one.. hahahaha... but i just don't have it my nature... LOL.. i am sincere with people and i hope they will be the same with me. i value each person who respects me and i find it hard to accept that people sometimes use me because for me i don't to that to another person. how about you? do you wear your heart on your sleeves? happy mylotting!!! hope to hear from you... ~ Shiloh
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• Malaysia
22 Aug 08
hi shiloh well for me ... i do not show any feeling to other people, as i have faced situations where people took advantage of me ... i hide my feeling, i have learned to "drama" with people .. when there are people i do not like then i will pretend to like .. shiloh, at times when we are faced with people we don like but still have to retain the relationship .. you are given no choice ... I even hug, kiss , hold hands with my Mother In Law ...
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• Philippines
22 Aug 08
hi there... i guess, i have to learn how to put on a facade then... hehehehe... i am hoping to develop such "dramatic skills" so that i can deal with other situations when it is required. can you teach me how? thanks for the response and happy mylotting and have a great day!!!! ~ shiloh :-D