born to be a leader...the problem is, he is unlikely to become one!

leader - born to be a leader
August 22, 2008 5:04am CST
let me share to you this fascinating story about How God can turn a simple life into someone that is extraordinarily amazing person.. Gideon made an unlikely fighter- hesitant and fearful. we first meet him as he furtively threshed wheat in winepress. to thresh wheat openly was to invite the occupying Midianite army to confiscate it. the Medianites dominated Israel so thoroughly that Israeliets could rarely harvest crops; some lived in caves. Gideon was planning no heroics until the angel of the Lord came to him with a battle commission. "Who, me?" Gideon seemed to ask, trembling. in view of the facts, his doubts were justified. his family and village worshiped Baal, not the Lord. He himself was subject to paralyzing fears, even on the eve of battle. Gideon kept demanding miraculous proof that God really was with him- and one miracle was not enough. at the same time, God seemed to make Gideon's job more formidable. he reduced his army from 32,000 to a pitiful 300. f an army so outnumbered won, that would prove beyond doubt that God was in charge. God knew Gideon's potential and patiently brought Gideon to the point of courage. HE encouraged him, directed him, transformed him. overnight Gideon became a strong and decisive general. he used noise and lights for scare tactics, enabling his small band to scatter the enemy. thorough mopping-up operations followed. the little army devastated the scattered Medianites, and Gideon, triumphant, brought in an era of freedom. perhaps no one was as surprised as he. mylotters, let us be encouraged with the life story of Gideon. it can be found in the Bible. no matter who you are and what are your positions in life, high or low, God will definitely and surely use you... i mean, us.. God is able to do anything, especially those that will bring Him glory an honor.. so it doesnt matter if you are just an ordinary person, or you have nothing, you are born to be a leader. not to be just a leader, but to be a leader for the Lord. i believe this with all my heart that we are born this way, to be a leader, in many aspects. we may not be the leader of the country or any organization, but when you are a child of God, you are actually a leader.. you are likely to become one, by God's grace...
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22 Aug 08
Hi jingbautista This is so inspirational!Thanks for sharing this legend. Gideon is such an inspiring figure and I agree to what you have said. We all are leaders in our own small ways. We should never lose our self esteem, never ever. Thanks so much. Happy Leading..