Have you found your soulmate? Or you are just pushing your luck?

August 22, 2008 8:11am CST
Well a theory presented by Aristophanes that humans were combined originally of four arms, four legs, and a single head made up of two faces but Zeus feared their power and split them into two, and its up to them to find themselves for the completion of their lives. But how can we determine who is our soulmate? If we really love someone, we always say he/she is really our soulmate but if someone happens in the relationship, we withdraw back our statements. If we really place this in context, couples who really have a strong relationship claims that they found they soulmate and couples who have doubt with each other concludes the other way around. For me, I will not search for my soulmate because it will come in its own. If he doesn't come then maybe he died when he was still in her mothers womb or maybe he died yesterday. ahehehehe /*big laughs*/
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• Canada
22 Aug 08
Soulmate is quite a romantic notion, and until I met my husband, I would have said it is a fairytale. Something that is nice to dream about but never happens. Of course now, I see that maybe I was bitter and jaded. I see that I was simply impatient in my choice of a husband the first time around. This man is the one. I fell partnered and connected. Fulfilled simply being in a relationship with him. 2 halves of the same soul. If he were to betray me like my first husband did (which I do not believe would ever hapen) it would rip me in half. I don't know how I would recover from such a thing. It's a good thing I won't ever have to worry about that. Don't get me wrong, we fight and everything, same as any other couple. The problem with marrying Mr Right is that he is right all the time. LOL
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• Philippines
22 Aug 08
This is a very funny topic. But surely, it makes sense. You made a very good point presenting this. The question is, are there really such thing as soulmates? If there are, then surely destiny would too. But everything in this world happens by man's will. As Protagoras said, "Man is the measure of all thing". Everything points to man, may it be explainable or not. Soulmates are just coined to people to strengthen the relationship or maybe to find meaning in life. Soulmates could also add some twist in life. There is nothing wrong in believing in it. But I don't. But to those who believe in it, go for what you believe. Sometimes, things or thoughts like this could lead one to his/her ultimate happiness. Happy mylotting!