life time friends

August 22, 2008 10:02am CST
does anyone have life long friend's? i have one friend who i have known since we were 3 year's old and my other best friend i have known since i was 7. these two amazing women have been there threw so much. boy friend's broken heart's marriages,divorce, the birth of our kid's. please tell me about your longest friendship's and why they matter so much to you!
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@tjonys (217)
• China
22 Aug 08
So far, I have not found my treasure worthy of a lifetime friend. That is, in this society to find a friend really is difficult!
@p3y5566 (171)
• Malaysia
22 Aug 08
Hi, nice to meet you here. I have four very very best friends in my life. They play an important role in my life too. One of them i knew her when i was primary 5. We were classmate. Until now, we be friend together is already almost 10 years! We were classmate from primary 5 until we finished ours secondary school! The other two of my very friends i knew them i was is my secondary school. Until now, we still very best friends. We always hang out together, solve problems together, have fun together. They all very take of me, i treat them very true too! Have a nice day and happy my lotting!
@nanayangel (7859)
• Philippines
22 Aug 08
Hi there Sweet Lacey! I don't have a life long friend except for my father and my husband who are my best friends. Maybe it will be my husband. We are best friends before we fell in love with each other and got married so it will be almost eight years of friendship now. You're lucky to have true friends ever since you were young. I miss my childhood friends.
@ravinskye (8242)
• United States
22 Aug 08
My best friend and I have been friends for 22 years. We met when we were 5 at a neighbors birthday party. We went different ways a few times over the years but we always came back together. She makes me feel like the greatest person in the world. And i think she is the greatest. She is so kind and caring. I wish we lived closer together. Ever since we graduated she has been atleast 8 hrs away if not more.