Do you/Will you homeschool your children?

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August 22, 2008 2:02pm CST
I went to public school until high school and then homeschooled the rest in less than a year and got my GED. I loved the experience of meeting new people in school (I am a "social butterfly") but I was one of those smart kids that got bored and acted up. I'm afraid my children will feel that way in school as well so I'm thinking about homeschooling them. What I worry about is that I grew up in a church that had alot of homeschooled kids in it and alot of them were... let's say not as socially apt as others (although one of my closest friends was homeschooled and he's definately not so i know it's not all of them). I don't know why that was and maybe things have gotten better in the almost decade since I've been around homeschooled kids, but I don't want my children to miss out on the social lessons learned in school. So what I'm wondering to those of you that homeschool your kids is how do you keep them up socially with other kids? How do you keep them from getting bored? And those of you who are thinking about it what is your thought process? What are your reasons for homeschooling and against? And, hey if anyone that is against homeschooling has something to say please do! My 4 year old will be starting school next year if I put him in public so I should probably make up my mind soon!
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23 Aug 08
I considered homeschooling for more than a year. My daughter is in Kindergarten this year. We have many friends that homeschool. I heard many of their reasons because I asked them why. I decided to send my daughter to public school. My reasons were because I couldn't judge the public school environment unless we were a part of it. I can always choose to keep her home in future years and homeschool her. I felt it would be easier to make the decision later and have her be successful if she knew what school was about and how to be focused. If it were just Mom trying to get her to do it, she might not be as successful. I also felt that going to school with all the good and bad thrown in, was a smaller microcosm of what real life is about. At some point you need to learn how to fit in. My daughter is not one who needs to be protected and she is very social and enjoys people. The more the merrier. School has been a good experience so far. She is making friends. She rides the bus. She is excited about going and being successful. She tries to please. I can't say this choice is for everyone. My sister in law choose to withdraw her children and homeschool when she experienced her daughter not getting the attention she needed to learn. Her daughter was smart. The teacher had a huge class. Because her daughter was able to learn on her own, the teachers time had to be spent with the troublemakers. In this situation, I don't think she made the wrong choice. Her daughter was going to suffer if kept in that situation. Others choose to keep them at home for religious reasons. I see their point and I may feel this way in future years. But right now I don't. I also don't think there is one sweeping answer to this questions. I think there are many factors to consider and for each family the choice will be different. I am glad to see that we have the option to choose. My school district is rated very high and that is another thing for me to be thankful about. I hope you are able to make your own decision soon. Keep in mind there are homeschool co-ops that help with socialization. So that might not need to be a deterrent for you.
@zeny_zion (1284)
• Philippines
22 Aug 08
nope! my child must learn how to adopt him/herself outside. he/she must whats outside. i want my child to cope up and enjoy being a student. mingle with friends and classmates. participate school activities.
@OConnell87 (1046)
22 Aug 08
i would never homeschool my children, thinking back when i was at school, i have friends because i went to school, my only friends are people i met at school and in the work place. I think school provides the skills and education that home schooling can't perfectly provide. It would be very different from your experience because you weren't home schooled since you were 4.