Has anyone got friends who got tickets to the olympics?

@vegegirl (828)
August 22, 2008 2:32pm CST
My friend is living in China and he got some tickets for the olympics but found out that the website was the sham one that sold him the tickets. He is in BJ for a bit of a holiday anyway and will still try and get to the games, but I don't know if he will be able to get in, does anyone have any experience trying to get into the games recently?
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@nizhama2 (295)
• Malaysia
23 Aug 08
I cannot help your friend but I want to know more about the story. I cannot understand it clearly. Do you mean that your friend had cheated by the web site? I feel very scare nowadays because there are a lot of peoples try to earn money by cheating others. They use the money to feed their families. Don't they feel guilty about that? I know this happen since the history begin.
@vegegirl (828)
• Australia
23 Aug 08
Hi Nizhama2 - yes there was a big story that a lot of people got cheated by one really big website that made lots of sales of fake olympic tickets and it took a long time before they got closed down, I only just found out that my friend was one of these people. It is sad, I am lucky this hasn't happened to me yet, I am lucky to have only bought things from reputable places so far.