Request Your Final Payment at!

@jetlady (338)
August 22, 2008 8:07pm CST
This is really a surprise. I thought SMS is dead. So do you get the same email also? It says final so it must be the last payment we could get. I wonder if this is really true or just a hoax. You are asked to fill out a form with your complete name, login username and "Estimated Total Amount Owed." Is this a joke? Do they really trust us to give an "honest" amount? I don't even know how much is my earnings! Well, I got several downlines, been active at the forum, but that's it. How would they know how much they should pay us? Or they just want to test us. Hmmmm. I tried to access the homepage of SMS but it it is not available. What can you say? This is my comeback discussion here at mylot so I hope this is good news. Please report here any payments made or if there are discrepancies you've noticed or experienced.
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