God Is that true??? how 2 realize it???

August 22, 2008 11:55pm CST
IF god is there.. he will help us in some difficult situations.. but y.. he doesnt....????
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25 Aug 08
per the Bible: ask and it shall be given unto you, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened. are you truly asking and trusting God to help you? or are you asking and then doubting that He will provide? God WANTS to bless you. He has promised to give you increase. are you doing what God has asked you to do? are you trying to live according to His Word? my testimony is this: i needed money for my light bill. i prayed to God to help me. i prayed that the light company wouldnt disconnect me before i got paid on friday. my kids called me at work on wednesday and told me that the lights were turned off. i talked to the light company and they refused to wait two days. i eventually had to ask someone that i knew for help and she helped me. on thursday i went to morning prayer and the lady that loaned me the money told me to keep it, i did not have to pay her back. i thanked her, and she told me to thank God. this is what God did for me: i know that there are some things that i was doing that He did not agree with. 1. i had not paid my tithes in months. my bills were overflowing and i was trying to pay them first, instead of paying God first as i should have been doing. 2. i had a proud spirit. i hated to ask anybody for anything. God does not like a proud spirit, and He found a way to break mine. i had to ask for help for my kids sake. when the next sunday came around, i paid my tithes on everything that i had made, and i will pay my tithes every sunday. if God cannot trust me with a little, how can He trust me with much? i will prove to God that i am faithful to His Word, and i know that God will bless me more and more. just ask God for what you need, and trust Him to do it for you. have faith. God may not do it when you want it done, but He is always on time.
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23 Aug 08
Did you ask for help? Ask earnestly and He will answer you.