Do You Personally Mind to Know Your Neighbors by Name? Why and Why not?

United States
August 23, 2008 12:07am CST
i have been in my residence since i was born and that's 26 years now. but i was kinda born to stay home and really a home-buddy. personally speaking i don't know who my neighbors are (much more of their names) aside of course my cousins, aunts and other relatives who live with us in our compound. but other than them, i don't know the rest that's why i am always mistaken as a new comer or occupant in our community and often wondered who my parents are. hahaha. how about you? do you know your neighbors personally?
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@bdugas (3581)
• United States
23 Aug 08
I do speak to the neighbors when I see them, and I know one of thems name, but as far as associating with them I don't do to much of that, seems everyone is just to them selves any more. Do you know who is living right next to you, most don't and don't want to know, one man came and intruduced himself to me when I first moved in, but my daughter said to stay away from him he had aids, well I wasn't sleeping with him, just saying hi. Don't think I needed to know that fact, but then again I would need to know if he invited us over to his place and gave us a drink out of one of his glasses. There is an apartment across from us, they all friends, at least till the weekend and they all get to drinking and fighting, so I tend to just stay to myself, and that way no trouble.
• United States
23 Aug 08
yes, i know them personally & their names. i have great neighbors. i can't imagine not knowing your neighbors unless they are bad people & you with them.just wouldn't want to assosiate
• Philippines
23 Aug 08
greetings to you! well, personally speaking i do not know the fullnames of my neighbors but i certainly aware of their nick names. i happen to be living in a subdivision for 7 years now and in as much as we don't want to, there is a mandatory homeowners' celebration each year that residents like us are advised to participate. by this, people from neighborhood get acquainted with one another. it is essential however to be aware of your nextdoor neighbors for some safety reasons. better try getting out of your shell once in a while and join them. but just like you do, i am also the type of person who likes to stay home and divert myself with a lot of unwinding stuff. hehehe