Do you know of anyone who uses the TURETH to DECEIVE?

August 23, 2008 12:30am CST
When someone tells you something that is true,but leaves out important in formation that should be included,he can give you a false picture. For example,some might say,"i just won a hundred dollars on the lottery.It was great.I took that dollar ticket back to the store and turned it in for one hundred dollars!" This guy's a winner ,right?Maybe not.We then discovered that he bought$200 worth of tickets, and only one was a winner.He's really a big loser! He didn't say anything thas was false,but he left out important information on purpose.That's called a half-truth.Half-truths are not technically lies, but they are just as dishonest! I have met this kind of people very often in my life ,i really hate these guys. my friends ,what's your opinion?
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