lovers separated by distance

August 23, 2008 7:04am CST
Hi friends,everyone loves someone or the other,though most lovers enjoy their time together but there are some who love each other and have the same feelings as other lovers have but they are separated by distance.They feel each other and miss each other but can,t see or meet each other for months or sometimes even years. If you are somehow caught in the same situation what shall u do,wait for your lover till the ripe time comes or proceed forward and forget about past.
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23 Aug 08
i'm in a long-distance relationship myself and believe me, it needs a whole load of patience, trust & faith. it is undeniably hard but it is not impossible. it would definitely make someone feel insecure when your partner's a million miles away, separated by regions and continents. Us girls would definitely wonder if there's someone over there that would want to get into our partner's pants or trying to steal his heart away & the same goes with the guys because our partner's not in front of our eyes (btw, even if your partner's around, they can still cheat if they want .___.) XD however, that just proves both of you are afraid to lose each other, which is good. Distance will lead to insecurity nevertheless & distance could lead to 'disconnection'. Like how i've realized after four months of our separation, i believed my bf and i had lost our 'spark' or chemistry due to restricted communications and inopportune circumstances. That first few months felt like hell would seem like heaven for us. however, communication is essential. it's alright if it's not frequent but as long as there are efforts on both sides. you should understand that both you and your partner have different roles in life to play and different time allocation in your daily lives. That's where understanding comes in. Don't be afraid because if you miss your partner like crazy, they're definitely faring no better than you. if phones/smses would not help (long-distance is very finance-consuming because of bills), emails and snail mails would be another alternative which does not condemn long-distance relationship to damnation 8D Snail mails help to express yourself way further and in a sense, the traditional way is no less romantic and it might just put more spice into the r/ship. in the end, no one else know you better than yourself. if deep in your heart, you believe that you and your partner both can run the distance despite all challenges, just go for it & fight for what you feel. The final destination is the best reward/ending you could ever imagine but don't stop believing because like a lot of other couples out there, you deserve your happy ending as well. it's alright if your partner can't come home for the holidays, maybe you should make that trip. your partner will appreciate that & they will see that they are lucky to have you, who love them so much and would sacrifice a lot so both of you can be together. i wish you all the best!!
@relundad (2311)
• United States
23 Aug 08
Long distance relationships dont and wont work for everybody. It takes 2 special people to make this type of relationship work. Not everybody is equipped to deal with the pressures of their mate not being around. Some people need to see, touch and feel their partner's presence. It takes a lot of trust to be away from your partner and to know that they are going to be faithful. It takes a lot for you to have a mate in another city,state or country and remain committed in there absence. For some people distance makes the heart grow fonder, for others distance make the heart wander.
@alecz23 (486)
• Philippines
23 Aug 08
what do you mean proceed foward, does it mean he or she have to make a new relationship? I know, Long distance relationship is infact a very hard situation really especially those who are married.. I once experience that and ending up loosing each other.. I dont know what the problem but I think the thing that missing is TRUST, LOYALTY, and constant communication but inspite of this is LOVE which for me differs from person to person, If we gonna talk about love itself its very much complicated shaanu777, reality wise, LOVE for me is something that is temporary, in which a person must keep it burning as much as possible..and its really hard to do that if you really dont get to see each other in a very long run... a deep devotion and commitment is really the key to your question... Lets just be realistic and if one person really does not love the other and vice versa, we must accept the fact which in my case they are not married or its very immoral if your married otherwise...
@INGA832 (1114)
• Russian Federation
23 Aug 08
I was in such situation. We hadn't seen each other for a year. I missed my boyfriend very much and got only sms. But then I understood that the more time you wait the more happier is your meeting. There's nothing worse than waiting.
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@shana123 (2096)
• India
24 Aug 08
hi shaanu, I guess your talking about my life.. my guy has gone to u.s for work it has been more than 10 months since we met each other in person.. its really hard for me to survive in this separation period but there is no other go since im studying i have to wait for 2 to 3 years for marriage.. so im patiently waiting for him to return back to his homeland and marry me.. He is still loving me the same as he was in the past and some of my friends told me that its not good to be in a distant relationship as guys may fall for other girls and will forsake the old love when i heard such things i was very broken but then i trust in my guy and i know he is genuine and if he doesnt wants me he will not take pains to help me out when im helpless and comfort me in my troubles so far some friends who are residing near by arent really cared of my worries and sorrows eventhough he is too far away he is the who come first to console and comfort me in all y crisis.. Dont you think its worth waiting for him? And shaanu im so happy that my guy is coming to his homeland in few months just to see me even after his dad asked him not to come back:)
@successlog (3172)
• China
24 Aug 08
hello friend,it is a so difficult for me to answer. Because i am in the same situation.I think the distance is really a big problem to each other if they really fall in love.I feel even many people said the distance will increase the feeling of miss to the lovers. BUt the more meaning to me is the disctance will reduce the actual love between both.This is a good discussion to me. good luck