Are More Peoples Turning Vegetarians In the World

August 23, 2008 7:50am CST
Let us discuss this topic why people are turning vegetarian world over. In my views first the peoples are regretting the Red Meat and turning to the white meat and sea food. This because of the health reasons. Doctor is Doctor may it be USA, Britain or any other locations. Why doctors advise to shun red meat and opt for white meat b cause the red meats increases cholesterol in the Blood. More and more people are becoming Deb tics world over. According to doctors they have no option left than to sun the Red Meat and turn either Vegetarian eating more fibers in the shape of green vegetables, Fiber Fruits,and salad's or opting for white meat or fish etc. I had been very found of Mutton and I use to prepare my self and still occasionally I still eat. But usually I like white meat and I eat it once or twice a week. What are your views why peoples are turning Vegetarians Please Discuss and express.
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