Did you ever have tablet without water?

@lixiaos77 (1030)
Shijiazhuang, China
August 23, 2008 10:24am CST
Once I saw a old man had a tablet without water on bus. I never do this and I suspect if the tablet would work well or if the tablet will do stimulate the gullet. Did you ever have tablet without water?
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@nehaagra (849)
• Singapore
13 Jul 09
I did it sometimes in case of emergencies, but yep, i do feel that the tablet is stuck there in my throat itself, and till i do not drink water , i don't feel like its gone in my tummy...hehe
@diutay (1315)
• Philippines
23 Aug 08
I did before when I couldn't find water but it sure tasted awful. There are tablets though that are supposed to be taken with liquid while there are some in which water is unnecessary.
@Raymo23 (465)
• Uganda
23 Aug 08
I do it lots of times, but thats because I take magnesium tablets a lot. With all the other tablets I use water.
@SHAMRACK (8532)
• India
23 Aug 08
Dear friend, Few times I had done this as I had forgotten to have tablet but I had tablet with me I had to swallow where there was no water. Few times I would swallow when I had forgotten to take the water. This had happened mostly when I was travelling and on the way I remebered I had to swallow the tablet.
@zhaosonghan (1039)
• China
23 Aug 08
I had have this experience,everytime after i did it,i feel that it seems like the tablet lock in my throat,a bad feeling...