I'm New to Payperpost.com.. HELP!!!

August 23, 2008 10:48am CST
im totally new to payperpost.com and i'm so clueless with what to do next... please help me though... I would appreciate if you would let me know what am i supposed to do now that my blog has been approved... I dont get any opportunity maybe because of my rank or of my location, but then i'm not losing hope. But please let me know what am i supposed to do once i get a chance to post for someone. How will i submit or make a reservation or.... i'm totally lost, u know? (sobs***) Now, i made a paypal account too, i dont know why it's asking my credit card number. what if i use my bank account for my premiere paypal account? will it accept my bank account number? and if yes, what is my bank code? how can i get one?
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@sirrob (4112)
• Philippines
23 Aug 08
i have answered you with your paypal worries in your other discussion. i don't have any idea with paytopost.
@flowerhorn (1011)
• Malaysia
23 Aug 08
Sorry, can't help you with PayPerPost as I didn't join.However, for the PayPal part, they need your credit card or debit card to get your account verified. Some sites only make payment to your PayPal account if it is verified. Luckily, mylot is not one of them. After you have verified your PayPal account with the concerned card, you can then transfer money to the card account. And there will be an associated commission charge when you do the transfer. If you are using credit card, further charge will be charged by the credit card company when you take out the money from your card. For debit card,it is free. I not sure on the bank account part but I think there is also some charges as well.
@dheal888 (283)
• Indonesia
23 Aug 08
Hi, in my experience, if you're newbie and your blog has been approved, be patient. My friend who has been approved his blog when first time he worried so sent email to payperpost support and get answers, BE PATIENT! Don't worried about paypal account. It's one the best place and you can trust them. If you have credit card like Visa or Mastercard, you will accept quickly. But, if you still have any question about paypal account also your bank code, you can try to ask paypal support or your bank account. Good luck!