Bite that medal...

@diutay (1315)
August 23, 2008 11:32am CST
I was going through some photos of the Olympics and I observed something. I found several pictures of gold medal winners with their medals between their teeth. What I mean is they look like they're biting it. Is that a tradition? Does it have any special meaning or something? Do tell.
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• United States
23 Aug 08
One person called it right. It is to test to see if it is really gold, well originally. Gold is a very soft metal, so the higher purity of gold, the idea was the more indentation a bite would make. They aren't actually testing to see if is gold these days, but the tradition remains. That or else they do want to make sure its not chocolate inside. One or the other :-)
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23 Aug 08
Hi diutay, The are biting it to see if the medals are real or chocolate he he he. Tamara
@James72 (26832)
• Australia
23 Aug 08
I am not 100% sure but MAYBE it is because gold diggers used to bite down on gold they found to confirm that it was indeed real! This could be a tongue in cheek way of saying "Yes it's Gold and Yes it's real!". It's all in fun I am sure!