What happen to the Filipino Olympic Atheletes?

United States
August 23, 2008 11:41am CST
Hi there, I'm just curios what happen to the Filipino Athletes in the Olympics? Have they been doing well? Did they get any medals? Do you have any idea if they are still playing right now? Nice to here from you soon. Thanks
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• United States
23 Aug 08
So far they have not gotten a single medal yet, but perhaps they can in the last two days, I don't think you guys have many athletes though, so it's hard to have higher chances with other countries who may have more athletes that also get a lot of money to train, so I can understand why it it hard to get them with all the competition. I got my information from this website which shows each medal gotten for each country so far- http://www.nbcolympics.com/medals/2008standings/index.html. Perhaps I might have looked wrong if you would like to check for yourself! Happy mylotting and I hope you guys win a medal soon! Have a great night and day!
• United States
23 Aug 08
Yes, you are absolutely right. I have been checking the paper yesterday but I didn't see any. They have done their best but their best wasn't good enough to defeat others. Our TV was out for few days and I have just been actively watching lympics for the past two days. Anyways, thanks a lot and have a great day
• Philippines
25 Aug 08
The olympics was officially closed last night, the turn-over ceremony was great by the way. Sad to say our country cannot be found in the official medal tabulation, we didn't earn any medals on the sports and games included in the Beijing olympics but we did earn a gold and a few bronzes in demonstration sports. Willy Wang got a gold in a wushu demonstration, and 2 other Pinoys got the bronze in the same category. A certified Pinay also got a bronze from sanshou or senshou (I'm not familiar with it but it's another form of martial arts, I think). But because those were just demo sports (meaning: not yet official olympic sports), the medals that our countrymen received didn't earned us any placement on the official medal tally. Another thing, I heard that our swimmers, eventhough they didn't get any medals, had beaten their own records, so as, south-east asian games records, that is a feat, nonetheless. I've seen a Filipino athlete being interviewed, he's into long jump but I forgot his name, he was crying while he was being interviewed, he's asking for the forgiveness of the Filipino people because he wasn't able to bring any medal home, he said that he really, really wanted to win, it was just bad luck that he was fouled. The story behind the foul: His first jump was at 7.5, on his 2nd jump he neared the 9 mark but he was fouled because he accidentally step on the white strip, I don't know what happened to his third jump but his morale must have been crushed at the second, that' why he was so emotional. He also asked the government and the Philippine Sports Committee to help and support him and his fellow athletes in their training, he said that olympics training shouldn't be a crash course taken in six months, that they should be provided with years of training and not left in the air and be pick up when another competition is on its way. He just said what I have been thinking all these years, bless him!