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August 23, 2008 12:24pm CST
It's been a long time since i last read a book. I can't even remember when was that. I know I have been very busy latety for me to be able to read a book but I know that it's not a good excuse. With the latest technologies that we have right now, I know that it's causing the rate of aliteracy to go up. It's still pays to read a book. I have been telling myself to read one but what happens is I just hold the books for so long not even turning the pages to see even a single word printed on it. Then the next thing I know, I was able to sleep without touching the book. Then I'll promise to read the same book some other time but it never happened. How poor of me. I have been promising a lot of books that I'll read them but still I have no progress. I have been very lazy lately. I know I should stop this or else it'll become worse. I need to start reading one. Will anyone of you recommend what's the best books to read that I'll never get bored and will never think of the option of putting the book dpwn and nver to go back reading it?
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@bubblyapple (2655)
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23 Aug 08
well, i can't say that i share the same experience as you do when it comes to reading books. reading books is what i get myself busy with. well, aside form surfing the internet. but i do want to add to your list of "it's been a while" its been a while since i last see my friends. not because we are fighting or anything. it's just that because we live and work in different places now. its been a while since i last been to the beach. the summer came and is about to be done, but i haven't been to the beach yet. i just love the beach! i could sit there and watch the waves. of course, i dont forget to bring my sunblock and BIG umbrella. its been a while since i last talk to someone who really matters to me. i guess, i just have to stop typing in this computer and go and see them. i wish....
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7 Jan 13
I'm glad you always have the time to read. I know the problem is with me. Every time I attempt to start readin a book, I always end up sleeply. Sometimes, I even fell asleep and would only realize the moment I wake up that I haven't moved a page on the book I read. Anyhow, it's been a while since I last saw my friends too. I keep a small number of friends. They're those I grew up with. Now that most of us are working, getting together is very difficult. Out time often does not meet. I love to go to beaches with them. When we were still in high school and college back then, we always go to beaches regardles of the season. We don't necessarily get in the water but we spend quality time in beaches just talking, eating and sometimes getting drunk. hahaha! But now that we're working and not all are in the same place, I can actually count the number of times I can go to the beach in a year. As of 2012, I only been to the beach twice. It's realy been a while... :D