Whose your Idol??

@razor123 (979)
August 23, 2008 1:33pm CST
Who do you consider a s your Idol guys/gals? Or someone you have great Respect for and Admire a lot. also you could state your reason and justify the same. I would consider my Parents and Mother Treassa as my idol. the reasons go as follows: My parents have raised me up from a helpless kid to a grown up being who can stand on my own feet independently. also they have given me a lot of love and affection and taught me a lot of valuable things in life. Mother Treassa was one person who was a living saint. A person who never cared about the well being of herself but the well being of others.ho cared a nd loved the poor and did a lot for the beggars, the sick etc..Someone who all round the world respected. Would like you'll to post in too regarding your idol.
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