going to MAINE

August 23, 2008 3:03pm CST
As I have mentioned in a lot of my articles here in mylot, I LOVE traveling. Going places, seeing what they have to offer and experiencing a tiny bit of life that the people of that place. As I go through different traveling sites and magazines, I have seen this article in MSN.com about escaping in Maine. I know summer is almost over and I wouldn't probably have the chance to go there at this time, but I would like to take note of this place and put it in my "will go to" list. According to MSN.com, Maine (US) is a New England state with lakes, forests and beaches. It is known to be "VACATIONLAND"! From lakes to forests to beaches, there are just so many things to do in Maine! Has anyone been to Maine? or is living in Maine? Want to share stories of what you did there when you visited? If you live there, could you share some "insiders' tips" about Maine? Happy Sharing!
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