Do you think firefox iz better than the internet explorer?

United States
August 23, 2008 3:07pm CST
Do you think is better? which one is faster, and why do you think it is better?
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@prajnith (942)
• India
20 Sep 08
i feel both internet explorer and fire fox are good in their own way.but after launch of internet explorer 8 , i think lots going to change. ie8 had lots of new security features and best thing about it is, it even launches faster. firefox takes around 6 seconds to launch in my system but ie8 takes only 2 or even less. its going to be big one..
• Macedonia
20 Sep 08
IE 8 is not compatible with over 80% of the current web applications!
@bmf1976 (45)
• United States
24 Aug 08
I believe Firefox protects your computer better. Although I did have a hard time getting onto certain sites until I upgraded my Firefox program. I find it to be as speedy as Internet Explorer, but I feel more "safe".
• United States
24 Aug 08
that true but you cant delete the cookies on it
@igormkd (48)
• Macedonia
20 Sep 08
same old question. Firefox. Reasons? hundreds of them. Tka for example how many extension are out there for Firefox and how many for IE, uhh... IE is just stupid browser, with tones of bugs and security issues. I don't even start it for over 4 years. I don't have to.
@vijbas (369)
• India
18 Sep 08
firefox is definitely the best when compared to IE. internet sometimes blocks rival websites and make those sites load slower so as to make the users reduce the usage of the site. further, IE doesn't give us the chance of selecting the search engine. it provides us only the live search
@bombshell (11268)
• Germany
5 Sep 08
hit here,Yes Firefox is a lot better and alot faster than internet explorer.i just found out last week coz i have computer problems. it colapsed many times and since my husband changing it to Firefox yessssssss it runs well THANKS Firefox.!!!
• United States
29 Aug 08
Firefox is 100% better than IE. I refuse to use IE unless I absolutely have to, it is not only slow as crap but it freezes my computer and constantly shuts itself off and says error IE must shut down..EEERRRR. I have used Firefox for a few years and I plan on using it forever unless they get rid of it or come up with something better. Thanks for letting me share..
@know21 (1252)
• United States
26 Aug 08
Its much faster then IE. All though Firefox3 does not have quite all the add ons as Firefox 2; there getting more all the time, and soon they should have them all.
@jojofun (18)
• United States
25 Aug 08
firefox is the best internet browser ever... open source, customizable, secure, everything about it is right. I just wish that my favorite media player (MPC) was skinnable.
@p3y5566 (171)
• Malaysia
24 Aug 08
Hi, nice to meet you here. I think mozilla firefox is more faster than internet explorer. It is because internet explorer is very easy to get lag. Have a nice day and happy my lotting!
• Philippines
24 Aug 08
yes, i think that firefox is much better than internet explorer since it doesn't consume much memory and its faster compared to IE..and also not very prone to spywares and the likes..
@CJay77 (4441)
• Australia
23 Aug 08
I think yes because it's more faster than internet explorer .