who is your favorite dbsk/tvxq/tohoshinki member?

August 24, 2008 3:48am CST
i just wanna know who's your favorite member of the band dbsk/tohoshinki/tvxq? Mine is Hero Jaejoong since he's got a nice voice and a cute face!!!.. i kinda like Mickey Yunho too because of his hair and his voice..
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18 Jun 09
My favorite has to be Yoochun. At first it was Jaejoong because of his looks and sweet voice..But after watching a youtube video where Yoochun was crying and talking about his little brother i completely fell for him. After that i knew he had a heart of gold. I'm also in love with his cuteness and deep, husky and sexy voice :D
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• United States
30 Jan 09
Yah! I really can't favor any one of them! Without one they're not DBSK. So I choose all! Each member contributes something to the group that makes them 1!
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@raik02 (78)
• Philippines
30 Dec 08
I like Xiah Junsu, He is cute, I love the Dolphin thing, I love when he says he is charismatic. Lovable, He was a great son, he is not mean he is never scolded by his parents. He was a great friend dbsk loves him. Understanding, & Talented My ideal type of guy! ^-^
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• Australia
26 Oct 08
Either Yunho or Junsu :D probs Junsu so cute...
• India
7 Nov 08
Everyone has a good voice and are good looking. My favourites are Young Woong Jaejoong and Yunho. Changmin is good too.
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• Australia
1 Dec 08
I think I've made up my mind (finally). Xiah Junsu is perfect :) Perfect voice perfect face perfect personality... hell he's even got "aegyo" going ahaha. (Aegyo is like, charm). I am completely completely in love with Xiah's voice, and Changmin's is awesome too. After putting Mirotic CD on repeat, Jaejoong & Yunho's voices are starting to annoy me. Sorry.
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• Manila, Philippines
30 Nov 13
Jaejoong! He's been my ultimate bias since forever! :P Followed by Changmin then Yunho and YooSu~~
@lynn1022 (11)
• China
16 Jan 12
I like all of them .Uknow's dancce is so handsome,he becomes mature than others.xiah is lovely,haha. Hero is so beautiful and sings so nice. mickey is a prince in my heart.He play the piano so well.Max is the youngest in five. I LOve five boys 8 years.But they dissolved. Always keep the faith ,never to the end.
@jc_star10 (954)
• Indonesia
14 Sep 10
I love all members...^___^ Honestly. I just can't choose any of them. They all have their own trait and their own personalities, that make them even lovable. Each of them totally work hard and always try their best on performance and singing. Never failed to amaze any of us..
@moonight (249)
• United States
6 Oct 08
my fav is got to be Junsu, he is soo cute, i love it when he is shy and his face turns red. but all the members are my love too, i like Hero the second seemly because he looks very hot i got to say and funny, he and Junus can cheer me up anytime, and i loove their 4th ablume!