YOUR identity isnt safe in TN!!

United States
August 24, 2008 5:16am CST
this state has had one thing after another in the last year or so where people information is stolen this way or that.. first thing that affected me was in 2007 with then there were several counties where students and teachers information was stolen from schools computers multiple times within the last year.. now we have THIS! who the HELL would have thought this was a good idea?? why dont we all just put all of our personal information and mass mail it to every one else in TN compared that several places including the government cant keep it a secret!! and of course this just happened right after everyone in the county that had their id stolen from the laptops/voters info's identity protection expired.. they only gave us three months of that to protect us and that didnt go into affect till months after it happened.. anyone ELSE have this problem from their states or countries?? or its TN special like that?!?!?
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