What do you think?

August 22, 2006 9:49am CST
I am Christian. Our doctrines are very flexible and augur well for real time and authentic peace. I love to read about the beliefs and practices of religions. Have you heard about the Sharia law? Do you think it promotes peace and REAL co-existence between the people they apply to, most especially females? Also, why is it that strictly Muslim nations such as Saudi Arabia and the like do not permit the establishment of Christianity, but the opposite applies to "Christian" nations like America. There is a noxion that Muslims are too violent. However, I listened to one leader on CNN say it's self defence, and not what we think. If it's so, how would the whole world be if every nation has to "defend" itself at the slightest interference from other nations? Why is it that almost all the suspects that have been apprehended in relation to terrorism are Muslims? Do not get me wrong! Basically, I'm an analyst and I am in no way using this tool as a weapon against Islam, but if we all would live to see progress and experience real time peace, then we ought to address certain issues the way they ought.
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