infavor of abortion

August 24, 2008 6:51am CST
Are you in favor for abortion? Why?
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@maximax8 (28558)
• United Kingdom
24 Aug 08
Welcome to My Lot. I do not agree that abortion is the right choice. I think that adoption is the best way to give an innocent baby and chance to live. Many ladies are unable to get pregnant and so it they adopt an unwanted baby getting the happy family at last sometimes years of trying. I believe that life begins at conception when the egg and the sperm meet. When I look at diagrams showing how an fetus grows and develops I think that it is amazing. Early abortions can done done with an abortion pill which causes the fetus to come out in blood. Yuck. Later abortions have to be done in a surgical way. That must be even more upsetting for the lady. Many ladies that have an abortion later regret the decision. Sadly if the hospital find out a baby is disabled they offer the pregnant lady an abortion, even after the 24 weeks cut off date. I found out that my son has spina bifida at 36 weeks pregnancy. I was horrified when a consultant offered me an abortion. No way in the world I thought. My baby boy was born at home then he went into a special care baby unit for three weeks. We was given two operations and now he is a happy 15 month old. Perhaps ladies that have got pregnant through a rape might want to abort, personally I would adopt. If a lady finds out she is having a disabled baby I think she should be given support and understanding not have a consultant try to get her to have an abortion.
@Anne18 (11036)
24 Aug 08
This question has been asked many times before on this site. I know that you are new and it is a very valued question. If you scan through life, people families and other discussions like that you will find many good answers to this question. Please don't be put of about questions being asked before, we all do it when we are new so I just wanted to help you out on this one as it is a common question and peole have written loads and loads on it. I hope you have a very good time here nad I would like to most warmly say a big hello to you.