Have you read the book "Naked Ape" - written by Desmond Morris

August 24, 2008 7:52am CST
It is with awe that I remind myself of this wonderful book, written by the ZOOLOGIST, Desmond Morris. At the very beginning itself, he proposes the reason for calling man a NAKED APE. If you read each chapter, you will come to an understanding about the evolution theory, and NATURES way of adopting and adapting. Please read that book. and, please tell me what you felt. about HUMANS.
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@coffeechat (1961)
• New Zealand
24 Aug 08
Yes I have read the book a few years ago. At the simplest level, Morris strips the veneer of civilization and artifice and describes human behaviour in its fundamental context. He does propose some startling truisims that have been acknowledged in different fields of thought as a basis for understanding mankind. His other book manwatching is also worth a read. Cheers.
• India
28 Aug 08
Thankyou friend, Your language is so beautiful, and literary. Where are you from, and what is your background? I have not gone through this other book you mentioned about MORRIS. i WILL try to get a copy soon, and post my comments on the man watching soon. THANKYOU.
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• New Zealand
28 Aug 08
Cheers & happy reading!